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Hands & Foot spa In Patna

Our Best Hands and Foot spa in patna

You can get customised hand and foot cream polish packages, hand and foot bridal packages, and hand and foot fruit pack packages at King & Queens, the best hands and foot spa salonThe skin on your hands and feet can be rejuvenated using pure and natural essential oil treatments. The most recent tools we employ enable the oils to penetrate deeply into the epidermal layers of your hands and feet, resulting in a relaxed and revitalised appearance and feeling. In addition, we provide unique moisturisers to keep your skin adequately hydrated and youthful-lookingQ

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Foot Spa

We provide regular foot massage to help you relax from all the stress and strain in everyday life. Our foot spa services are targeted to increase the blood circulation and hence many other health benefits as well.

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NailS sPA

Benefits of spa is not limited to any specific body parts but it has gone beyond that and we are the expert in making your nails feel great and lucrative for you to feel and appear confident and hygienic.

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Hands spa

In addition to a thorough washing, our hands spa therapy involves lotions that rejuvenate the skin. Dead skin cells and any dirt will be eliminated, keeping your hands soft and minimising the appearance of fine lines.

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We ensure all dead skin cells and wrinkles are properly cleaned along with callouses on the bottom of your feet. This procedure will also exfoliate your skin and keep your hands smooth and silky.

Hands and Foot spa in Patna
Hands and Foot spa in Patna

Hands & Foot massage In Patna

The most neglected yet frequently utilised parts of the body are the hands and feet, which need the proper care and support to keep you looking beautiful. This is when receiving manicure and pedicure services are crucial which we provide at the best hands and foot spa salon in Patna 

The hands and feet represent a person’s character and demonstrate how well they take care of themselves. Get the greatest hand and foot treatments, exfoliation, scrub, moisturising, etc. at King & Queens family salon to improve the appearance of your hands and feet. Get the best foot massages and foot spa treatments at best hands and foot massage salon for your achy, damaged feet. Say good-bye to your problematic hands and feet and hello to your body’s smoother, more revitalised skin.

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Pride in Each Service

We are providing our expertise and services in multiple domain including hair care, skin care, body care and much more. All of our services are meant to enlighten our client’s mind and soul through natural products and skilled hands that have served the best. 

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This is the year we started our operation in Patna city. The year has also given us initial recognition among our customers and in the town. 


Although we had to go through multiple lockdowns and restrictions during Covid-19, we have managed to gain the momentum after that and are back with our unique offerings. 


Our expert staffs and state of the art facilities gives you the benefits of relaxed mind and soul along with glowing skin and charming face. 


Applying therapeutic pressure to the hands and feet can have a favourable impact on particular body parts in other places of the body, which is what is meant by the term “hand and foot spa.” In other words, receiving a hand and foot massage can improve your health in addition to the way it feels.

Improved circulation, muscular stimulation, tension reduction, and pain relief are among benefits of foot and hand massage. Additionally, it provides you a chance to examine your feet so you can start taking care of blisters, bunions, corns, and toenail issues before they worsen.

To get rid of all the dust and dirt on your feet, prepare a warm water bath. The soak will make your cuticles and nails softer. The following steps are to exfoliate, foot mask, moisturise, and then paint your nails.

Why Choose Us

There are various reasons which can make you choose our services over others. This includes the following:

  • We have some of the best experts and professionals across the country
  • Cleanliness and Hygiene are the two pillars that make our foundation
  • We always use genuine and high quality products to ensure best outcomes for your hair
  • We have employed latest technique and tools which ease the work and save your time and money as well
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