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Best Tattoo Artist In Patna

Photography has its own significance when it comes to showing nature’s creation ad beauty. But when it comes to showing our creativity ad thoughts through our body parts, tattoo is the best available option that we have at present and it is where you need to visit the best tattoo artist in Patna. Through thoughtful and creative arts we can express our feelings and   


Tattooing is all about representation and art. The more thoughtful and elegant it is, the purpose and effort of getting it done can be easily quantifiable. There are multiple tattoo shops in market, but at King and Queens you will get the most meaningful and colourful tattoo based on your preferences and needs. Our hand tattoodesign is most popular and preferred by youngsters.


Our tattooing process is quite simple and quick and imparts transparency while getting it carved on your skin. We ensure that all the work and effort goes to your satisfaction and make you feel on top of the world with newly designed tattoo.

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Pride in Each Service

We are providing our expertise and services in multiple domain including hair care, skin care, body care and much more. All of our services are meant to enlighten our client’s mind and soul through natural products and skilled hands that have served the best. 

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Best Tattoo Artist In Patna

Hand Tattoo artist In Patna

It’s critical to have understanding of beauty methods. You’ll succeed in appearing your best if you receive sound advice. Our work has consistently received positive press in the media. We provide real tattoo art services to clients all across India and which makes us the most preferred hand tattoo artist in Patna.

As one of Patna’s best tattoo artists, we provide every tattoo enthusiast with a wonderful setting and attentive service those results in an unforgettable experience. Whether it’s your first or 100th tattoo, we guarantee a work of art that will grace your body for all time.

It’s important to keep in mind that your tattoo is a wound and needs to be kept clean at all times until it has fully recovered and we at best tattoo artist in Patna are the masters of the same. Make sure surfaces that are prone to bacteria or germs don’t come into touch with your tattoo.


Lorem Sit Haircut


Haircut Cillum


Bibendum Haircut


Haircut Amet



Shave Consequat


Vulputate Shave


Shave Accumsan


Beard Trim

Proin Beard Trim


Beard Trim Mauris


Mustache Trim

Mustache Trim


Mustache Lipsum


Mustache Erat



This is the year we started our operation in Patna city. The year has also given us initial recognition among our customers and in the town. 


Although we had to go through multiple lockdowns and restrictions during Covid-19, we have managed to gain the momentum after that and are back with our unique offerings. 


Our expert staffs and state of the art facilities gives you the benefits of relaxed mind and soul along with glowing skin and charming face. 


Both men and women want rose tattoos for their hands. Rose tattoos are a common selection in the floral tattoo category in general, but they look particularly good on the hands due to the contour of the skin in that area and the pattern altogether.


Your hands play a crucial role in how your body interacts with the outside environment because they contain a large number of nerve endings. Additionally, the ink doesn’t adhere to the skin on the hands as well, increasing the likelihood of vanishing.

For men, animal, tribal, skull, lion, wolf, flower, compass, and religious tattoos are the most common.


Why Choose Us

There are various reasons which can make you choose our services over others. This includes the following:

  • We have some of the best experts and professionals across the country
  • Cleanliness and Hygiene are the two pillars that make our foundation
  • We always use genuine and high quality products to ensure best outcomes for your hair
  • We have employed latest technique and tools which ease the work and save your time and money as well


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